Last week I updated the VMware vCenter 5.5 server at work. We're running everything virtual, so I made a snapshot of the VM and backups of the databases affected. Which at that time was just to be sure (but helped me out later on!)

I mounted the VMware vCenter 6.0 ISO and started the installation. The progress was smooth as ever before with VMware software, everything was clear en installation went well until it had to update the vCenter database. An awful message came up stating the installation failed and the rollback was initiated.

The logfiles mentioned were located in ‘C:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\logs\vmware-vpx', so be sure to take a look at them. In my case the logfile stated thelogfile associated with the vCenter Server Database file couldn't grow anymore. Looking at the VMware vCenter Server database properties it showed me there was a limit set for the logfile?!

As said, after this message the installation rollback started and it left me with nothing at all. Since the old VMware vCenter Server installation files were removed by the 6.0 installer i had to use the previously created VM snapshot and Database backups. After checking and changing the database file properties I started the installer again and the installation went smooth as expected at the start.


  • VMware should change the installation process and add a check if Database growth is possible

  • Check the Database properties yourself in the meanwhile

Thanks to my collegues Gerald Fokke and Job Weegink I kept my calm and was able to solve it.

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