Here at work we were still running a Windows vCenter Server with embedded PSC. It was connected to a Microsoft SQL 2008 instance and since SQL 2008 is EOL this year I first thought it would be advisable to migrate the database to a newer Microsoft SQL version (yeah I know, why not implementing a VCSA). Although I have descriptions for almost everything and Keepass for all sorts of passwords, I wasn't able to migrate the databases. How to get rid of the old Microsoft SQL 2008?

The solution was quite simple. I've installed a new VMware vCenter Server Appliance, exported and imported all the distributed switches and moved all servers and stuff towards the new VCSA (VM down, attach it on the new VCSA, VM up and remove it from inventory on the old vCenter Server). I did it manually but later I discovered it should also be possible using the Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility fling.. If I onley knew this earlier in the process..

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